March 16, 2020

Dear MCC Ohana,

A difficult decision was made this afternoon. We have prayerfully decided it most prudent to suspend our public worship services and other larger group ministries until further notice.

Ministries Put On Hold: AWANA, Youth Group, all Sunday Service ministries, Pastor Rick’s Grow Class on Wednesdays, and at this point our upcoming Easter breakfast and Egg Hunt.

Worship Service Online: Those normally involved in Sunday worship service are called upon to meet on Saturday’s at 11 AM to record the worship service. The recording will be sent out via email as a link and will also be uploaded to our website so that it will be ready for you to view on Sunday.

Offerings: It is okay to give your offerings by mail or make arrangements to drop it off. We now have online giving available.

Live as the Body of Christ. Use the church directory online to stay in contact with people. Give Kupuna in our church a call. See if they need anything. Continue doing ministry, serving one another, and building relationships even while we are a part.  As we scatter, be the bearers of Good News to those in your world.

If you have any questions or concerns or information about those in our church that need help or
are experiencing hardship, please contact me either by phone, email, or text.
Let’s stay hopeful and strong in the Lord. Let us also not forget to pray for our President and leaders
both locally and nationally. Most of all, let’s pray that God will revive his people and add many to his

Yours for the Kingdom,

Pastor Jayson